February 17, 2022 1 min read

ScaleQ data collection systems. 

scale management data collection system

Our weighing management software enables simplified, accurate and efficient scale operations without sacrificing the sophistication of the detailed data collection. If you are looking for a new scale management data collection system one of our representatives would be glad to demonstrate our scale management system. 

Reporting on the data. 

Our reporting systems have long been praised as a powerful, yet simple tool for business management. Our latest generation provides even more powerful features and resources to enhance the productivity and profitability of the scale house. With QReport, any field of any table in the database can be reported on for management, inventory and financial information. You can sort, group and select on any field and link from one table to another, based on the linkages already set up in the database. Once you have the report you want, you can view the results on the screen, print them to a printer as a PDF, e-mail. You can also save reports to a spreadsheet, or view as a web page.

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