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Linked Files Function | Weighing With ScaleQ

May 20, 2020

A special function is the ability to view the detail from linked records in the customer and truck master files. 

Sometimes when using the customer or truck master files, the operator would like to see detail data from a related file. For example, when browsing customer records, the operator may want to see the detail from the tax or freight file the customer is associated with. A special function is the ability to view the detail from the linked records in the customer and truck master files. In the browse view, this adds a selected column from related file. 

In the customer or truck master file displayed on screen, select the header label for the linked file. 

Right click on the label. A pop-up menu with insert will be shown. Hover or click on insert to display the sub-menu with the list of fields. 


Click on the field you wish to show. The field will be added as the next column. To remove the header field, right click on the header label and select delete. The header field will also be removed when the program is exited. 



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