Keyboard And Other Shortcuts | Weighing With ScaleQ

January 08, 2020 1 min read

Interface Logic Systems' line of weighing management and control systems is designed to make your scale house a revenue center.

The user-friendly, quickly-mastered interface speeds up the weighing process. To make the use of ScaleQ more efficient for operators, here is a list of shortcuts.

Function  Shortcut
Process a Manual ticket F4
Open a list of records to choose one for the field in the dialog on the screen F2
Move to the next field in a dialog Tab
Print a ticket Control + P
Save a ticket during a Weigh operation Control + S
Add non-weighed items to a ticket during a Weigh operation Control + A
Return to the Weigh view from any other when a truck is on the scale Click in the scale weight
Open Package from any screen File>Package
Open Payment from any screen Ticket>Payment
Open Report from any screen Ticket>Report
Open Ticket View from any screen Ticket>View
Open Manual Weigh from any screen Ticket>Manual
Open Quantity from any screen Ticket>Quantity
Open Setup from any screen File>Setup
Open Master Files from any screen File>Edit
Move to the previous screen during a weighing and elsewhere Back arrow icon in toolbar
Scroll quickly up/down in a Weigh dialog box Up/down cursor keys
In Files, to open a record for editing Control + E
In Tickets, top open a ticket for editing Control + E
In Tickets, Files browse views, to quickly open a selected record Enter
In Tickets, to close the Tickets browse view ESCape
In Files, to close the Files browse view ESCape

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