How does Transcore SmartPass Reader Work With The ILS Scale Program

January 09, 2019 2 min read

Vehicle identification and monitoring functions utilize Transcore SmartPass readers.

Gate Control With SmartPass Reader

RFID Vehicle Identification Tracking Software With Transcore SmartPass Readers.

Radio frequency identification tag readers identify vehicles as they enter and leave the yard and create a record of all arrivals and departures. The module can be configured to monitor in-yard and trip times, enabling dispatchers or system administrators to report on vehicles that fall outside of typical time frames.  A typical system will have one RF Reader installed at the entrance and exit lanes of each facility gate. 

Each vehicle (tractor and, if desired, trailer) is equipped with RF Identification Tags, which are bolted or riveted to the vehicle.  Each Tag will be encoded with a unique number.  As a truck enters the terminal, the SmartPass Reader will read the RF tag and the ID number will be transmitted to the computer.  The vehicle file will contain a field for the RFID Tag code. The software will search the database for a record to which that RFID code has been assigned and the vehicle will be registered into the terminal, recording truck code, time and date of arrival. Optionally, upon departure from the terminal, the truck’s outbound tag will be read and the activity record will be modified to append the time and date of departure. 

Gatekeeper report generator software is a vital tool for record keeping.

For facilities monitoring both arrival and departure, all trucks currently in the facility will be displayed on the computer monitor, providing you with a ready reference. All records can be viewed, re-printed, or edited at any time. The software will be supplied with ILS’ Gatekeeper report generator software. Reports may be designed to provide arrival, departure and turn-around times.

Interface Logic Systems strives to provide Vehicle Tracking and Access Control Systems which meet the unique needs of a diverse clientele.  To that end we will work with you to provide the advanced capabilities and functionality you require for optimum productivity and profitability. ILS systems in the field feature:

  • Digital Messaging Systems, with scoreboard displays providing drivers with greetings, instructions on in-yard destinations, etc.
  • Video Image Capture, to provide a digital record of vehicle arrival and departure. Digital images may be included in activity reports, selected by Date/Time range, Vehicle ID or other criteria.

Ask us about the best solutions to meet your needs. We are an authorized dealer for Transcore SmartPassreaders.  

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