Gross Weighing Within Your Scale Program

May 01, 2019 2 min read

Some scale houses provide gross weighing as a service to the public as well as existing customers. 

For example, an RV owner may want to check the weight of a motor home before embarking on a trip. Or a customer with a new truck that may may want to certify its weight for licensing. In these cases, the charges need to be tracked for accounting. Tickets are generated to capture the weights. To facilitate gross weighing, records can be added to customer, material, catalog and truck. The only required record is a material with a price. You can have more than one material record to accommodate different gross weighing scenarios. For example, different prices for public verses existing customers. 

An option is to have records for customer, truck and catalog to make gross weighing for the public easier. The first example uses gross weighing as a service to the public. the records used have been set up beforehand. A second example shows gross weighing for an existing customer. 

To do gross weighing: 

Gross weighing

When the vehicle mounts the scale, select gross as the truck. Then click next. 

gross weighing

If the setup shown above is complete, the detail screen should be filled in correctly. Then click finish. 

gross weighing

Notice in the screenshot above the gross weighing is saved in the history with a special icon. 

To do a gross weighing for an existing customer:

gross weighing

The truck weighs in as normal. The material code is selected as gross or whatever name or code is used. Click finish or cash to complete the weighing. 

To set up gross weighing in the customer master file add a new customer named gross for example. The actual name doesn't matter as much as it should be easy to remember.

gross weighing

Add the needed data about catalog, freight, tax, message and number of tickets. In the options tab you may want to check cash to make sure these cash customers. Save the gross customers. Add a gross account for the gross customer and save it. 

gross weighing

In the material master file, add a new material named gross or another easy to recall name. Be sure to check the gross weighing box. Save the gross material. 

gross weighing

In a catalog master file, add a price named gross and give it a unit and minimum price.Then save it. 

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