October 14, 2021 1 min read

Automated loadout control systems you can count on. 

Loadout control systems

Automated Loadout Control Systems integrates with ILS ScaleQ to improve bulk material loadout time and accuracy. Loadout Control Systems manage loading from multiple silos over truck platform scales or multiple overhead weigh hoppers.   

ILS Loadout Control Software allows loading to vehicle gross weight or designated net weight on a truck-by-truck basis, including the number of discrete drops to permit vehicle positioning for even distribution. The software allows for manually entered or automatically calculated free-fall compensation for each silo. Auto-compensation is dynamically adjusted and based on a comparison of target weight vs. actual net weight. Material and Silo inventory is managed by tracking of net weights discharged, produced material (based on data from belt scales or plant controls), and manual inventory adjustments. 

Loadout Control Interfaces provide Automatic and Manual control of safety gates, discharge gates and Emergency Stop controls via PIO logic. Interface circuitry may include inputs for silo feed belt scales and, optionally, plant control systems. 

The use of ScaleQ’s Audio-Visual Intercoms and Video Image Capture provide operators with the ability to communicate with drivers and monitor the loadout process.  ILS Scaleside Digital Signature Capture, and Scaleside Remote Ticket Printers ensure quick and efficient processing of transactions, increasing your operation’s productivity and profitability. 

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