Accepting Payment | Weighing With ScaleQ

March 25, 2020 2 min read

Payment is used for cash operations, both pay now and pay later.

This can include regular customers who work on a cash basis, paying for each load as it is weighed, or the homeowner picking up a load. Cash customers can include credit card customers. In some operations, a customer will pick up a number of loads throughout the day, and then settle at the end of the day. This is called a pay later workflow. To facilitate it, a regular customer can be designated as a cash customer in files > customer. If less than the full amount of a ticket is tendered, it will appear in payment as an open item with a balance due. 

Transient customers can use generic cash customer code and truck code can be added on the fly based on license plate or other protocol. Because ScaleQ allows only one instance of truck code in the yard at a time, some scale houses have multiple codes such as Pickup1, Pickup2, Pickup3, and so on to accommodate having several transient customers in the yard at once. You can access payment by choosing it from the navigation sidebar, or from the ticket payment menu bar. Payment has three tabs - open items, take payment and receipts. The available toolbar functions change depending on which tab is being viewed. The toolbar functions are also available by selecting a record and right clicking to get a pop-up menu. The take payment tab is viewable only during the process of taking payment. 

Note that with a record selected, the deposit and inspect tools are available. The payment tool is available only if the record has a positive balance. 

Note that with a record selected, the void and print functions become available.

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