Video Intercom System | Truck Scale Ticketing Kiosk

ILS Video Intercom System 

ILS offers an Audio/Video Intercom System to permit contactless interaction between drivers and scale operators. The Intercoms operate independent of ILS ScaleQ or the scale PC, avoiding unintentional interruption of scale operations.

ILS' Video Intercom System comprises a Base Station and one or more Remote Stations. Up to eight remote stations can be interfaced with the base station, and each remote station can be interfaced with more than one base station, for scale houses with multiple attendants working with multiple scales.

The indoor base station is equipped with a 7”color LCD touchscreen display with 1024 x 600 resolution, built-in omnidirectional microphone and a built-in loudspeaker with noise suppression and echo cancellation.The indoor base station is a compact 7.9" × 5.5" × 0.6", requiring very little desk or shelf space.

Remote stations offer 2-megapixel HD video with two-way voice communication. The camera features a 180 degree fisheye lens with infrared supplement light. An omni-directional microphone, with noise suppression and echo cancellation assures clear sound. Remote stationscan be integrated into new or existing ILS Remote Data Terminal or Remote Ticket Printer enclosures, or supplied with weather-resistant, stand-alone enclosures. Remote stations measure 3.86" × 3.93" × 1.73" (without optional enclosure) featuring an IP65 environmental rating, operating in conditions from -40° F to 131° F and from 10% to 95% humidity.

Intercoms communicate via TCP/IP 10/100 Ethernet connectivity and feature Power-Over-Ethernet, eliminating the need for remote power.

When used with ILS’ other tools for social distancing, including PDF and e-Mail Ticketing, Scale-side Credit Card Processing, and others, your concern for your personnel’s and customers’ health and safety is evident.

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