Vehicle Positioning System Hardware | Unattended Weighing And Automation

Unattended weighing and automation vehicle positioning system hardware - Single Scale

Photoelectric sensors are used to ensure vehicles are properly on board the scale. When the beam of any transmitter/receiver is broken, weighing transactions are inhibited. The use of vehicle positioning sensors insure trucks must load properly on the scale. 

The Vehicle Positioning System features two infrared Photocell Emitter and Receiver pairs for installation at each end of the scale, and a Vehicle Positioning

Junction Box featuring relays and circuitry to permit interface with the ScaleQ PC.

In the event that a vehicle is not properly positioned on the scale, thereby breaking the infrared beam at either end of the scale, the scale transaction will be inhibited until the beam is cleared.

A message indicating that the truck is out of position will be displayed on the RDT LCD display and the ScaleQ operator's screen.  In addition, the Positioning icon in the ScaleQ toolbar will indicate which cell is blocked. 

photo cell icon ScaleQ scale management software

We understand the importance of being able to process secure, accurate transactions during and even after normal scale house operations.

ILS offers a broad range of software and hardware designed to simplify and expedite your scale house operations. Vehicle positioning sensors ensure accurate weighing with or without a scale attendant. 

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