Unattended Weighing System | RDT Remote Data Terminal Kiosk

Unattended Weighing System Kiosk

ILS' Remote Data Terminal permits weighing when scale operators are not in attendance.  The weather-resistant enclosure features an infrared barcode scanner with a protective rubber flap. Numeric keypad with non-illuminated keys and rubber switches makes data entry easier for drivers. Our keypads are intended for use in wet, dusty or dirty environments. The LCD display is mounted inside our weather-resistant ticketing kiosk making it rugged enough for outdoor use and a sun shield is mounted outside the display for extra protection from a glare caused by sunlight. 

Designed for installation adjacent to the scale. 

Being adjacent to the scale allows accessibility to drivers remaining in their vehicles.  “RDTs” are suitable for outdoor installation in most climates and industrial environments, however internal enclosure heaters and cooling fans are optionally available for extreme temperatures.

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