TransCore SmartPass RFID Reader | Radio Frequency Tag Reader

ILS is an authorized dealer for TransCore SmartPass RFID readers. 

The RF Tag Reader automatically captures the identity of any vehicle equipped with a Radio Frequency Identification Tag. It can be utilized in both attended and unattended scale applications to speed up and improve the accuracy of the weighing process. When used in conjunction with a Remote Data Terminal, drivers can be prompted to enter any variable data required to process the transaction. 

The RF Tag Reader features an antenna, RF module, tag decoder, and power supply in one integrated package designed for outdoor installation in industrial environments. A weather resistant, industrial RF Junction Box will be provided for convenience of installation and maintenance. 

Radio Frequency Identification Tags are factory programmed with a unique number that can be assigned within the Scale Management System database.  Truck Tags, for industrial applications are designed to be bolted or riveted to truck or tractor bodies for security.  Windshield tags are also available for automobiles and personal pickup trucks.  Most applications can use passive, “beam-powered” tags, which are maintenance-free and have an indefinite working life.  For applications requiring a greater read-range, battery-powered tags with a 10-year average working life are offered.

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