Remote Ticket Printer Enclosure | Truck Scale Ticketing

Remote Ticket Printer can be used with both attended and unattended weighing systems.

The Remote Ticket Printer provides transaction tickets and receipts to drivers without requiring them to leave their vehicles. 

The Remote Ticket Printer provides a 4⅜" wide ticket.  Multiple copies can be specified within the ScaleQ Software.  The direct thermal print mechanism offers high speed for situations where multiple ticket copies are required and extreme traffic volumes are anticipated.  The Thermal Printer also offers high speed printing of graphics, including logos, barcodes or digitized signatures. 

The Printer is installed in a weather resistant, industrial enclosure.

Designed for installation adjacent to the scale for driver convenience and are suitable for outdoor installation in most climates and industrial environments. However internal enclosure heaters and cooling fans are optionally available for extreme temperatures.  The ticket slot is protected from rain or snow by a front mounted hood with ticket basket to prevent ticket loss.  The hood also ensures that the driver cannot access the ticket prior to final cutoff, thereby protecting against paper jamming. 

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