Enclosure Heater | Outdoor Ticketing Kiosk Heater

Enclosure Heater for installation in outdoor kiosk terminals.

Enclosure heater for your Remote Data Terminal and Remote Printer Enclosures, or other devices installed outdoors or in non-environmentally controlled environments subject to low temperatures. 

The Enclosure Heater is thermostatically controlled to turn on at 41°F and turn off at 50°F.  The Heater is 35 mm /1.4” DIN-Rail mounted, and is designed to minimize surface temperature for touch safety.

Outdoor ticketing kiosk with enclosure heater for long-lived reliability in harsh conditions. 

The unit has a maximum energized exposure temperature of 450°, de-energized exposure temperature of 500° F and minimum exposure temperature of -60° F. Other temperature ranges are optionally available. 

Heating units are used to prevent the development of condensation and drops in temperature in our outdoor ticketing kiosk. Heating units are not to be used for the heating of rooms. It is recommended installation must only be performed by qualified electrical technicians in observation of the respective national power-supply guidelines (IEC 60364). The device is installed horizontally (air blow direction upwards). The heater must not be mounted on flammable materials (e.g. wood, plastic etc). 

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