Digital Signature Capture Pad With Weather Resistant Industrial Enclosure

Signature pads are available for attended or unattended applications.

Digital signature capture permits capture of driver signatures which can be stored in the scale system database, referenced to the transaction ticket number. 

Signature pads are available for attended or unattended applications. This option includes a weather-resistant industrial enclosure. The signature pad features a 4"x 3" high LCD display / signature area. The pen is tethered to the enclosure and it rated for over 30 million tip activation cycles. 

The active pen design of the signature pad ensures durability in hostile, industrial environments. The signature capture area is not a membrane and is protected beneath a heavy transparent, protective cover. 

Outdoor weather-resistant industrial enclosure. 

The outdoor signature pad and all circuitry are enclosed within a heavy-duty steel enclosure with a powder-coat enamel finish. The signature area is protected beneath a 1/8" thick Lucite shield to protect against damage or abrasion. The pen cable is protected by a weather-resistant sheath. 

The enclosure size is approximately 8 1/4" x 8 1/4" x 7 1/2".  

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