Digital Signature Capture

Digital signature capture offers security and protection from fraud.

ILS offers the ability to digitally capture operator and driver signatures when processing scale tickets. Images are printed on tickets and maintained in the ScaleQ database for future reference. Unedited scale tickets may be reprinted, with signatures at any time. Signatures are not saved with edited tickets, since they are not representative of the transaction at the time the signature was applied. However, ScaleQ maintains a voided copy of the original transaction, including signatures for future reference. 

The digital signature capture pad features electromagnetic technology and and active pen design allowing acrylic or glass/acrylic laminate overlays to prevent damage to the signature window. 

Topaz GemGuard® pens are proven to reduce bacteria on the pen surface by up to 99.99 percent in laboratory tests, providing round-the-clock product protection against bacterial build-up from harmful species such as MRSA, E. Coli, and Legionella.  The antimicrobial additive used in GemGuard pens is safe and also registered with the US EPA.

GemGuard antimicrobial protection is built into the pen plastics, lasts for the life of the pen, and does not wear off with use.  The GemGuard technology is inorganic and non-leaching, and as a result does not allow bacteria to develop resistance.  The GemGuard silver ion additive binds to the cell wall of bacteria, preventing growth; interrupts enzyme production, stopping the cell energy production; and it interrupts the cell DNA, preventing bacteria replication.

Digital signature capture pads are available in models for desk or counter top use in the scale house or office.

We also offer a weather-resistant, industrial steel enclosure suitable for mounting outdoors. This is as great convenience for drivers. Drivers can remain in their vehicles, allowing quicker transaction times and improved job site safety. 

Remote signature capture pads features a powered pen to avoid battery failure in cold weather, as well as a clad, metal-sheathed stylus cable, securely anchored within the enclosure. 

Each signature pad features a backlit LCD display. When data entry and weight capture for an eligible transaction is complete, the scale operator and/or driver is prompted to sign the pad. The signature is echoed on the LCD display and in the ScaleQ program. Once the signature is complete the entire transaction is posted, tickets are printed and any other transaction-related events are completed. 

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