4" X 4" Blank Plastic Cards For Bar Code Label

Blank 4 inch by 4 inch plastic cards. 

Plastic 4" x 4" cards are white in color .060" X 4.0" X 4.0" in dimension. Create and attach your own barcode labels to the 4" x 4" plastic cards. 

Lightweight plastic cards can be used for multiple applications. Durable plastic cards are built to last. Flat enough for drivers to put in their sun visor or console yet thick enough to hold up to repeated usage. 

Blank plastic cards can be used for a wide variety of use.

Specifically made for ILS scale applications with barcode readers. Print and label your own cards with custom labels. 

Cards are used in our remote data terminal. Card easily slides into the weather-resistant kiosk to be read by the barcode scanner inside the remote data terminal. The photo with a barcode and ILS label is an example of what you can do to create your own barcode cards. You are purchasing a blank card with no barcodes adhered onto the card.