2nd Generation Remote Data Terminal Board Retro Kit

Our 2nd generation (RDT) Remote Data Terminal Board Retro Kit makes switching boards a cinch. 

We know many 1st generation RDT boards are still in the field. Our remote data terminal boards have been known to last for many years. When the time comes to replace your first generation board we developed a kit to make switching out the RDT board easy enough to do-it-yourself. 

The 2nd generation Control Board is attached to a Retrofit Panel.

Assembly is easy. The screws from your 1st generation RDT board line up with the retro kit back panel. Cable Assemblies for LCD Display, Keypad and Barcode Scanner are already in place. 

Includes Transition Mounting Plate to permit “drop-in” replacement on existing back panel. If you have any questions while replacing your RDT board our technicians are here to help. They can walk you through the process over phone. 

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