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ILS has provided weighing systems and solutions for the weighing industry at hundreds of sites across the nation and overseas. 

Aggregates and Asphalt Weighing Industry Solutions

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Applications include customers in the aggregate and asphalt industries, including asphalt and concrete reprocessing facilities as well as quarries. While many have attended weigh stations, a number also use unattended scales with their own trucks or those of valued customers. By pre-assigning data, these trucks are able to bypass attended scales to use unattended scales, making weigh-ins and weigh-outs faster because they do not have to wait behind attended customers. This maximizes productivity for 80 percent of yard’s business while also accommodating transient customers.

ScaleQ weighing industry solutions focus on the aggregate and asphalt sectors with loadout control. To support this, ILS supplies remote data terminals, RFID readers, remote ticket printers, traffic lights, loadout control interfaces, signature capture, vehicle positioning photocells and video. Taken all together, ILS provides a total solution for accurate weighing and fraud protection while making the yard as efficient as it can be.

Mining Weighing Industry Solutions

 coal mining bulk weighing industry

At Peabody Coal, ILS was the first in the industry to monitor trucks using RFID tags. This unattended weighing increased throughput, especially at coal wash facilities. It also allowed early and late loading so extra runs could be made.

Unattended weighing allows verification of pay for drivers and haulers, depending on whether they are paid by the hour or by the load. An added benefit is that drivers can stay in their vehicles, promoting safety and lessening liability.

A special area of ILS expertise is unattended weigh-ins at power plants receiving coal directly from mines. ILS has tools to monitor contract fulfillment, quota management, and truck sampling for quality based on percentage or other qualification.

The use of unattended weighing and RFID means that a truck’s only stop in the yard is on the scale, with data collection performed automatically. Customers have found this has doubled and even quadrupled efficiency.

Solid Waste Weighing Industry Solutions

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Our applications manage solid waste above and below ground at landfills and transfer stations. The majority of these are attended stations in the commercial and municipal sectors where material is received with resulting financial transactions. ILS can track what waste has been received and where in the facility it is dumped, above or below ground. Our client base is diverse, ranging from single scales to multi-site satellite transfer stations feeding a central refuse facility.

One of ILS’s specialties is consolidation of operations where weigh-in data is collected at the satellite station and automatically relayed to the central facility so no weigh-in is required at the landfill. In addition to commercial and municipal operations, transient cash customers can be accommodated.

ILS helps its clients to adhere to Environmental Protection Agency and other regulatory requirements by tracking daily allowances and managing sampling and subsequent reporting.

Recycling Weighing Industry Solutions

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ILS tools manage three areas in the recycling arena, in addition to solid waste management of household materials.

ILS clients handle automobile, junk and other scrap metal for recycling at crushing and shredding operations in preparation for transfer to steel mills for reprocessing. Both commercial suppliers and the public are serviced. A standard workflow for the public recycling scrap metal is to swipe a driver’s license for ticket information as well as for reporting to law enforcement and other municipal agencies. Nonferrous metals such as bronze and copper are weighed on industrial platform scales. Private party transactions via check or cash with multiple cash drawers can be made.

We also serve steel companies that accept scrap from vendors for reprocessing by managing the weigh-in and tracking inventory in yard.

Commercial and municipal yard waste operations where private parties pay to drop off leaves, brush and other biomass recyclables are handled inbound including charges, in inventory, and outbound after composting including sales transactions. Inventory functions monitor changing supply levels and report on them so it can be determined how much yard waste is on the ground versus how much mulch is available for sale.  

Access Control Software Solutions

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Commercial and residential access control is an outgrowth from ILS weighing solutions. It focuses on four W’s — who, when, where and even why.

Many of our weigh scale customers wanted to extend yard hours at unattended scales without adding to the payroll. ILS designed solutions that could limit which trucks would be allowed into the yard after hours, would check them in and then trigger the gate to open. Further granularity has been provided to designate which gates can be opened after hours, including the assignment of vehicle to gate to enforce security by managing access to and within the yard.

Access control has been expanded to gated residential communities to define which gates can be used by residents and service people. For example, main gates may be accessed by residents and visitors while other gates are reserved for housekeepers, landscapers and maintenance personnel.

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