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Bulk weighing industry solutions. 

ILS has provided weighing industry solutions at hundreds of sites across the nation and overseas. 

We offer weighing industry solutions for nearly every bulk weighing industry out there. ILS provides custom solutions to enhance your operations from the plant to the central office. With our custom software and hardware accessories we can provide the tools to increase your productivity and profitability to make your business run more efficient. 

Industry verticals served include solid waste management, coal, aggregates and asphalt, recycling, timber products, steel, rail, agriculture and property access control. 

Our software provides solutions from agriculture to aggregates and mining. Whatever you material you are weighing we can work with you to provide tools needed to make your business run smoothly, from data management, reporting, automated capture of scale weights, custom labeling and fields and so much more. 

Bulk weighing industry solutions custom fit for your business. 

Tell us what you are weighing and work with one of our team members to implement a weighing system to fit your needs.Software and hardware solutions for nearly every weighing industry. 

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