Unattended Operations May Be An Option For Social Distancing

May 05, 2020 2 min read

Unattended Operations may be the answer for your operations. 

unattended weighing system

ILS ScaleQ Unattended Operation offers a number of advantages to a variety of customers.  Among these are: 

  • Extended weighing hours for authorized vehicles without requiring a scale operator to be present.
  • Authorized drivers will be issued Barcode or Proximity Cards, or Trucks will be issued RFID Tags which will be used with Remote Data Terminals (RDTs) or RF Readers, permitting drivers to initiate and complete transactions independently.
  • The use of GateKeeper Access Control functionality with automated access gate control can restrict access to the yard outside of normal scale house hours to authorized vehicles only..
  • An additional scale may be added, designated for Unattended Weighing.
  • This allows frequently returning vehicles to bypass lines on the attended scale, which will be used for infrequent customers, cash customers, or customers requiring additional assistance, all of which take more time per ticket to process.
  • Higher throughput of frequently returning vehicles allows them to get in and out more quickly, adding additional loads (and sales) per day.  
  • Unattended transactions using stored tare weight drastically reduces in-yard time, which benefits drivers, customers, and our client, making our client a preferred vendor to their customers.
  • Using Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) and assigning default data (e.g. Customer, Job, Material, etc.) within the Truck record protects against incorrect data entry.
  • If driver entry of data is required for each transaction, the driver can enter it via the RDT keypad.  Scrolling through available choices is supported by the keypad, and available choices are filtered.  
  • For example, only jobs assigned to the chosen customer may be entered or selected, and only materials assigned to that job will be available.
  • The use of RDTs, RF Readers and Remote Ticket Printers (RMPs), and Scaleside Outdoor Signature Pads can limit or eliminate contact between drivers and scale house personnel.
  • Drivers can complete their weighing without ever leaving the vehicle.
  • Time saving is achieved by drivers staying in vehicle and not having to walk to and from the scale house.
  • No time is wasted by excess conversation between drivers or drivers and scale operators. 
  • Unattended operation enforces social distancing and provides a “touch-free” experience for all parties.
  • Improved safety and confidence reinforce the preferred vendor status of our client to their customers.

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