Take Deposits | Weighing With ScaleQ

March 04, 2020 1 min read

The take payment view seen in open items can be used to take deposits.

payment deposit ScaleQ

Payment deposits can be applied to one or more tickets in the future. Click the deposit icon in the toolbar to see the dialog. 

Payment deposit ScaleQ

Enter the required information for customer, account and amount, plus the optional reference and remarks. Click the OK button at the lower right of the screen. 

Customer's truck weighing out. 

Cash dialog during weigh-out. 

As the customer's truck weighs out later, the deposit will be applied to the charge.

Click Yes to apply the deposit against the charge.

The remainder of the deposit will be held for the next load. A deposit can be refunded, even if the transactions have been applied against it. To do this, void the receipt for the deposit. then treat the transaction as if they were pay later. The cash can be applied at that time and change given.  

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