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December 11, 2019 2 min read

Office party games that liven up the office. 

office party games

Each year around Christmas we have our annual office party.We have an amazing staff so why not celebrate the service they provide all year long. No party is complete without food, games and prizes. This is a great time to let the ILS team know how much their hard work is appreciated. When you call, we answer. Our team of technicians are ready on a moments notice to head out in the field to keep you up and running. Our in office staff is busy keeping things running on the home front. That's dedication! 

So what office party games are our favorites?

Glad you asked. Let us share with you some of our past office party games and photos. Who knows maybe you will like to use some of them for your next office party. Each year Kim and Emily work hard to come up with a new games that brings everyone together and creates memories. 

  • Pick Up M&M’s – you have one minute to move M&M’s from the bowl to your cup using only chopsticks. Whoever gets the most in their cup wins. Supplies: chopsticks, M&M’s, large bowl, disposable cups.
  • Toilet Paper Game – Hand out a roll of toilet paper. Tell each person to take as many squares as they think they will need. You will need at least one. When everyone has toilet paper inform them for each sheet they have to tell one fact about themselves.
  • Tallest Tower – You have 5 minutes to build a tower. Whoever builds the tallest tower in five minutes wins. Supplies: newspaper, popsicle sticks, toothpicks, marshmallows, tape.
  • Family Feud - after all we are a work family. Questions are written and we have our top answers on the board. 
  • Ugly Sweater Contest - No Christmas party is complete without the ugly sweater contest. 

Office Party Games - Interface Logic Systems

Office party games are a great way to bring the team together in a relaxed work environment.

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