July 11, 2022 1 min read

A minimalist scale ticket is a simple piece of paper showing one or more weights.

truck scale tickets

Typically, one copy is given to a truck driver, and another copy is put in a file folder awaiting further attention. Realistically, the ticket will have additional information, such as Truck and Hauler information, Customer and Job references, Material being weighed, and perhaps pricing and additional charges applicable to the transaction. ILS ScaleQ simplifies the creation of sophisticated, detailed scale tickets, and the collection and analysis of the data related to each transaction. 

However, ScaleQ has also evolved the simple scale ticket into multiple forms.  Digital scale tickets can be created and stored in PDF format. The traditional storeroom, filled with banker’s boxes, containing bundles of scale tickets can now be replaced with a USB thumb drive, taking up virtually no space in a desk drawer, filing cabinet or safe. 

Scale tickets may now be automatically e-mailed, either individually at time of ticketing or in a batch on a schedule, to a variety of recipients. These can be customers, superintendents, accounting personnel… ILS ScaleQ can automatically send SMS text messages to jobsite personnel, alerting them to an incoming load of material for an active job.   

The 21st century scale ticket can be created, stored and delivered in myriad ways. The key is deciding how best your organization can take advantage of this evolution. 

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