July 05, 2022 2 min read

Have special requirements for surcharges? 

Scale ticketing management surcharge solutions

ILS specializes in developing scale ticketing software to work for you. Since we develop our own truck scale management systems from the ground up we can offer a lot of flexibility on how you do business.

We recently received a call from a client who wanted to add an “Energy Surcharge” to their ScaleQ Scale Management Software. He conveyed the purpose of the surcharge, and how it would be calculated. He explained that certain materials need additional processing, such as drying, prior to shipment.   

ILS specializes in meeting the unique requirements of a diverse client base. We suggested that if different types of processing applied to different materials, we could create a new Energy Surcharge table in the database, and assign the appropriate surcharge to eligible materials.   

It’s our philosophy at Interface Logic Systems that our software should be adaptable to your needs, not that your operations should adapt to our software.  This philosophy allows us to quickly and effectively respond to requests, including Energy Surcharges, Fuel Surcharges (particularly desirable in today’s economy), Origin or Destination Fees, etc. 

One client in the solid waste industry had a problem with low density materials like foam rubber, which fill up a lot of airspace at very low weights.  ILS worked with them to develop a Low-Density Surcharge which automatically calculates as weight changes for defined container sizes. Transaction surcharges will be saved as distinct, individual charges, but can be configured to be displayed and printed as either distinct line items or bundled into Material or Freight charges, as best suits your requirements. If necessary, multiple surcharge types can be incorporated into your ScaleQ application. 

Our mission is to support your Productivity and Profitability. If you can define how to best ensure that you are compensated for your work, expenses and value, ILS can help you achieve that! 

If you have questions about surcharges based on your business operations contact us to for a solution to meet your needs. 

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