July 25, 2022 1 min read

Data retention is crucial for your business. 

Truck scale house

It is that time of year again when lightning storms can effect your equipment and data. We get calls every year about truck scales and scale management systems being down after a storm. A lightning strike can lead to damage or complete destruction of your equipment. You may have sustained lighting-induced voltage surge damage. Surge damage can take out or destroy scale loadcells,digital junction boxes, scale weight indicators, and computers. All of the tools you need to continue an efficient, profitable workday. Recovery may take days, or even weeks.

There are ways to protect your scale house. 

A wise man once said that you can never protect 100% against lightning, but you can work hard to protect yourself and to minimize damage. Things to consider include: 

  • Proper grounding of your truck scale platform and all related devices.  
  • Adequate electrical service, including enough outlets and circuits for your requirements. 
  • Use of a properly rated, in-line, uninterruptible surge protection system for the most critical components of your system. 

And most importantly… 

  • Always back up your data regularly (daily at a minimum) and maintain that data in a secure, off-site location.   

This can be on a removable drive, a cloud storage service, or both. Synching regularly with ScaleQ’s Office Administration Software also ensures an additional repository for all of your scale data. ILS Technicians can provide guidance and assistance in preparing a disaster backup and recovery program.  

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