ScaleQ Exclusive

ScaleQ Exclusive

As flexible and well-equipped as ScaleQ Foundation is, Interface Logic Systems understands that certain clients have very specific needs and operational requirements. ILS is proud of its reputation for meeting the varied requirements of a diverse clientele. ScaleQ Exclusive continues ILS's commitment to addressing specialized projects that require application-specific modifications or customizations.

The option to manage unattended or loadout operations is included in ScaleQ Exclusive customizations. To support this, Exclusive uses a customized database plus optional modules for signature and video capture, in-yard tracking, order entry and truck dispatch, as well as back office functionality for digital imaging and office administration.

ILS specializes in automated scale management systems to permit unattended scale operation with accuracy and security. The use of Remote Data Terminals with Identification Card Scanners or Radio Frequency Vehicle Identification can enable 24-hour operation without the needs for around-the-clock scale house personnel. High-traffic facilities can dedicate one scale to unattended operation, allowing frequent-visit vehicles to avoid delays waiting for cash transactions to be processed by a scale attendant. All transaction data is maintained in a single database, allowing for integrated reporting. With the incorporation of automated facility access control, only authorized vehicles can enter the property and be weighed during restricted hours. 

Photocells, traffic lights, video cameras, signature pads and access control gates are among the accessories that can be used to enhance the security and reliability of unattended weighing operations. 

For the Asphalt and Aggregates industries, ILS offers automated loadout control functions to improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency of bulk material shipping operations. Loadout control may be interfaced with either motor truck platform scales or weigh hopper scales, and can be customized to meet your particular application.