Remote Ticket Printer | Truck Scale Ticket Printer

Remote Ticket Printer for truck scale system.

Star micronics TSP800 thermal strip printer can be enclosed in a weather-resistant enclosure suitable for outdoor/scale-side installation. A remote ticket printer enables drivers to receive ticket, receipt or activity report without leaving the vehicle. Remote ticket printer features an auto-cutoff.

Dot Matrix remote ticket printer features a 40-column, 9-pin dot matrix mechanism and auto-cutoff. Printer can be purchased with or without an enclosure. Power supply is included and a sample size roll paper to get started. 

You can purchase roll for remote ticket printer.

We stock and supply additional needs you may need for continued use of your remote ticket printer. View and shop roll paper for your remote ticket printer. We also sell the power supply separate if all you need is a power supply. 

Direct Thermal printer provides graphic capabilities and high-speed printing and auto-cutoff. 

Thermal remote ticket printer is a perfect solution when speed is a necessity. Print 37 receipts per minute. Drivers can get their scale ticket and be on their way. Ideal printer for applications that need to print a large amount of information on a receipt.